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Tag: growing small-scale businesses

Entrepreneurship and the Future: Comfort

Comfort is what is difficult to define, but easy to recognise. Different people have different comfort preferences, but discomfort is not difficult to feel. Comfort involves physical, emotional, and ideological […]

Mutate Your Money

While I was doing God’s work at Umuahia, my workers were working for me. Immediately I arrived back home, I went straight to my farm to check on the farm […]

Entrepreneurship and The Future [4]

Every generation has its peculiarities, appetite, aspirations, trends, challenges, and opportunities.The entrepreneur, sometimes, can create some of the above-mentioned issues, provide solutions, and generate wealth and prosperity from all of […]

Entrepreneurship and the Future [2]

The world has transited from a global village to a global street. The president of the African Youth Community sent a message to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, through […]

Talakawa Economics

My main interest in life is how to influence people from my kind of commoner background to rise up the social ladder. My Senior friend and brother from Government College […]