My main interest in life is how to influence people from my kind of commoner background to rise up the social ladder.

    My Senior friend and brother from Government College Ughelli sent money to buy three machines for processing cassava to garri. They include the cassava-peeling machine that washes at the same time, a grinder, and a press. These three processes reduce the profit margin of the process of producing garri. The peeling and washing stages are also the most tedious.

    As one set of workers were rounding off the block work at the school building, I was motivating another set to set up the machines and test run the processing system.

    The price of Garri is still rising, and I still have several acres of cassava at different stages of maturity.

    I need to ride this big wave.

    The machines will reduce my cost and stress.

    Just imagine if a rural pastor can plant and process cassava to garri. The peeling and washing machine and the grinder will generate money for him.

    A young graduate can acquire these machines instead of buying a very expensive phone.

    Why are we really poor?

    I don’t know about forex or cryptocurrency. I am not blended, but I know that I can make it.

    God did not promise that my way will be easy, but my heart is still with the Talakawas.

    There is so much we can still do.

    God Bless You.