Surfers are usually on the lookout for the big waves.

    Business is usually like that. There are great opportunities that generate from events beyond your control; learn to maximize them.

    Don’t listen to lazy church folks or family members who have a habit of missing opportunities.

    Poor people pass over opportunities regularly, according to a popular saying, I heard first from Rev Samson Bodjor.

    In every business, there are the masters/madams who are veterans. Please listen to them and consult them.

    I was briefed, as far back as December 2020, that the price of garri was going to soar. It is still climbing, and I have a lot of cassava ready for harvest. I must maximize the price increase. I’m going to deploy a lot of resources towards harvest and production.

    I need to ride this wave and plan for the next wave. So, I will immediately plant again after the harvest.

    Each season or decade has several blessings; the more of such blessings and seasons you maximize is what I call Josephic wisdom and grace.

    Avoid people who don’t know how to maximize opportunities; they will help you miss your own.

    They that wait upon the Lord are not those who pray only with their ears, eyes, and brains closed; they are those who anticipate the next need, move, and deeds of God. Because of the preparedness needed and unpredictability, they will not grow weary or faint. They will renew their strength to wait and maximize the next big wave of his blessings.

    God Bless You.


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