The Systems Theory and Agriculture

    The Systems Theory postulates in simple terms that society is like a system with inputs that are processed to yield outputs.

    The Bible says you reap what you sow. That is very correct.

    Truths are parallel.

    In Agriculture, your harvest is based, not only on the quantity, but also on the quality of inputs. It also depends on the species you plant or breed.

    Even though you will reap cassava, the yield is dependent upon the type of stems you plant.

    This specie in this video is called “akonu ariemu“, meaning: “when you finish planting it, you will be fed or feed”.

    The productivity is great, and no fertilizer or manure was added.

    Your harvest also depends on the skills or knowledge.

    The ridges or heaps, we made, prevented the tubers from getting rotten during the rains. It was also very easy to uproot the tubers.

    I’m excited about the harvest.

    We have these stems for sale at the farm fellowship.

    There are also very fertile lands for sale in our community.

    Remember, our land is blessed.

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