We planted 2 acres of cassava April last year on this portion of our land. We have several other acres at various stages of maturity. This was during the lockdown over the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Instead of complaining about the situation, I chose to act positively.

    It’s not the happenings around us that really matter, most times; it’s our responses.

    It’s the ability to cultivate the will to act contrary to the natural instincts of most people that stands you out in life.

    If I had listened to the gossip of those around me, I would not have planted anything.

    My last child told me to go ahead and cultivate the land. That singular statement and my willingness to act has changed my life dramatically.

    There is a point I want to make, however. The prices of goods and services are increasing, from fuel pump prices, drinks, cement, our staple foodstuff, and even to sachet water, popularly called ‘pure water‘ in Nigeria. Garri price has gone up astronomically and it’s even hard to get.

    Yesterday, I saw women from the cities hunting for garri at Effurun-Otor. Now I’m harvesting, I’m going to sell at the going rate. I buried cassava stems on the ground, cassava tubers have risen from the ground where I buried the stems.

    Please learn this lesson:

    When prices of goods and services are rising, only those who have a multiplicity of goods and services to sell or render usually benefit.

    If you have nothing that its price can be increased, and your income is fixed, you will gradually slide into lack or financial insufficiency.

    The price of my poultry manure has also increased, because if the price of poultry feed increases, the price of eggs and poultry shit must also increase.

    The big question Elisha asked the widow of the prophet in 2 Kings 4:1-7 (AMP) remains ever relevant: “What have you of sale value in your house?

    How many things are you selling and how many services are you rendering that you can increase their cost or prices? The answer is to this question is very difficult for many educated people to answer?

    God Bless You.


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