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Category: Everyday Thoughts

Understanding The Purpose of God

Speaking at the Bayelsa State National Youth Service Orientation Camp at Kaiama. I spoke on Maximising Moments, but my lesson about life is on “Understanding The Purpose of God” Ephesians […]

The Principle of Gradualism

Lessons of Life 1. Every big challenge is made up units of challenges. The solutions also come in small units. 2. Break every challenge into it’s component units. 3. Strategically […]

Extractable Value

In the Parable of Talents, the Master gave talents to 3 disciples. One of them came back with 5 extra talents and another came back with 2 extra talents. Another […]

Success Is An Average

I have failed severally in several spheres of life. And just like some people listening to me, you have also failed to do well in several spheres of life. That […]

You Don’t Succeed Alone

You can’t succeed alone . . . I previously said in a broadcast that one of the ways to overcome the fear of failure is by having the right people […]

Images In My Head

I grew up in very difficult circumstances, but the image of my father daring to dream a big dream of training a medical doctor, in the similitude of the European […]

Breaking Into The Watermelon Market

We harvested some of our watermelons yesterday, and we had thought that our prearranged customer was going to buy some quantity, but it turned out she was not used to […]

Staying Power: The Power of Incubation

It takes an elephant about 22 months for a pregnancy, and a rat’s pregnancy takes about 21-25 days. The results in delivery are significantly different. To incubate elephantine dreams, you […]

Before You Were Conceived

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Before you were conceived, […]