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Category: Everyday Thoughts

The Earth Has Ears; Speak!

The president-general of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) for Canada and the Americas (the United States and South America), Olorogun Dr Mrs Onome Dema, visited Petra Christian Academy sometime in July. […]

Always Think Sustainability

I am in this once-very-beautiful hotel in the south-south region of Nigeria. The concept, furnishing, and finishing must have cost millions, if not billions of Naira. I like hotels and […]

Confront That Goliath

Any soldier out of King Saul’s army could have killed Goliath if they knew that as an uncircumcised philistine, there was a death sentence on him for insulting Jehovah. Only […]

Lessons From Cassava Harvest [1]

There is nothing great that turns up without effort. It might involve different people at different times and stages. During cultivation, someone cleared the field, another did the ridges, another […]