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Attitudinal Unrighteousness

Religion without vision will lead to recklessness, heartlessness, and unproductivity. Religious zeal without commensurate vision to better the lot of […]

Don’t Outsource Your Life

Don’t expect someone who has not managed his/her personal life well to manage your business unsupervised. Learn to take hard […]

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Ingredients of Honour

Things don’t just happen; there is the law of cause and effect. Listed below are ingredients to prepare the meal […]

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The Spirit of Esau

1. Esau was typology of an attitudinal disposition that God hates. He was a real-life illustration. Don’t ask me why […]

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Serving With Integrity

The pictures below are that of Julius Kambarage Nyerere, former president of Tanzania, a man of integrity, patriotism, and prudence such that […]

Service, With Humility

The picture below is that of former U.S. president, Jimmy Carter. Text: Philippians 2:3-9 Jimmy Carter was a Sunday School […]

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There Is Hope For You

Agriculture is a high-risk business. It might be exciting for some of us, but there are times when it can […]

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