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Category: Sowing In The Land

Breaking Your Alabaster Box

Alabaster boxes were used to store precious perfumes and ointments. Some Bible scholars believe that the alabaster boxes were made from marble. Therefore, it might have been relatively difficult to […]

Grow Your Inspiration

1. Your inspiration does not need to conform to already-existent patterns. Sometimes, blind imitation leads to limitation. 2. Sometimes, inspiration might bring up crazy concepts and ideas. It takes not […]

The Multiplicative Power of God

In a previous post, we talked about Extractable Value. Today, we’ll be talking about the multiplicative power of God. It is the ability that is inherent and planted in every […]

I Refuse To Be A Normal Nigerian

I will derive pleasure from being unique and outstanding, through service. I refuse to see myself as belonging to a special class because of my profession as a medical doctor, […]

The Principle of Gradualism

Lessons of Life 1. Every big challenge is made up units of challenges. The solutions also come in small units. 2. Break every challenge into it’s component units. 3. Strategically […]

Extractable Value

In the Parable of Talents, the Master gave talents to 3 disciples. One of them came back with 5 extra talents and another came back with 2 extra talents. Another […]

Success Is An Average

I have failed severally in several spheres of life. And just like some people listening to me, you have also failed to do well in several spheres of life. That […]