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Category: Sowing In The Land

Life is Like a Perfume

I learnt very early that life is like a perfume stored in a bottle. Remember the alabaster box that was broken by a woman and the aroma filled the room? […]

Mistakes You Must Never Repeat

I got to Warri in 1963 as a child; then, there was a wooden bridge between Upper and lower Erejuwa. There was a wooden bridge between Obahor and Father Healy […]

Talakawa Economics

My main interest in life is how to influence people from my kind of commoner background to rise up the social ladder. My Senior friend and brother from Government College […]

There Is Hope For You

Agriculture is a high-risk business. It might be exciting for some of us, but there are times when it can be very depressing. A strong storm knocked down about 50% […]

Memories Are Like Diamonds

My granddaughter woke up very early and insisted she must be in the ceremony. She wanted to be everywhere with me. The site was still very rough so I had […]