Be Ye Imitators Of God

This was a seminar topic I did in one of our Word and Wisdom conferences at Petra Christian Academy, Ughelli. I thought it necessary to share it with you at the beginning of this new year as you set out to achieve your goals.

God operates the Principles of Gradualism, Segmentation, and Compartmentalisation.

Every great challenge is made up of small units. Fragment the challenge/problems into small units and compartmentalise them. Then solve them one at a time or in multiple units. If you wait until you have all the money, resources, time, and personnel before you start addressing a challenge or solving a problem, be rest assured that you will never start.

Jehovah used the same process in creating this beautiful world from a formless and void earth.

Jesus used the same principle in feeding the multitude by compartmentalising the crowd into groups of 50 and 100 people when he had to feed them.

Mentoring that is based on only admiration of the mentor, kneeling, bowing or prostrating to greet them, giving them gifts and receiving blessings from them is not different from idolatry or visiting a shrine to offer sacrifice. A mentor owes a mentee the responsibility of sharing the methods he has employed to reach his goals. If your mentee gives you a gift, sit him or her down and share part of your life with him.

Let’s stop mystifying success or greatness. Success should be teachable, transferable, demonstrable, and replicable unless it is fraudulent.

There is still a lot we will share.

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