Take a Concrete Step Each Day Towards Your Vision

The difference between a dreamer and a visionary person is action.

Talk is cheap.

I have learnt a lot from my wife because she is the greatest motivational actor I know. She is the engine that drives our family affairs. SHE IS AN ACTION PERSON. She does not talk much but acts a lot.

I have come to notice that many people want to become motivational speakers without demonstrable results. That’s what my wife warned me about.

This is the first building project I’m handling on my own because she is handling a very big project somewhere else that only those very close to us know about. But each day, she makes concrete progress. I’m always amazed at the cumulative results whenever I visit the project she is handling.

Every day my wife wakes up, she takes a concrete step towards the visions I have shared with her. On Sunday, 23/1/2022, after church service and siesta, I already know what concrete step I’m going to take. The materials I need are already packed.

You add value to your life, time, and money by taking concrete developmental steps daily.

I don’t live my life based on congregational or denominational declarations or new month declarations by others that they send to me via SMS or Facebook messenger. In fact, I don’t read them. I know my needs and my life more than any prophet.

By the grace of God, you take charge of your life instead of leaving it to chance and the dictates of others. A lot of folks have spent the first 20+ days of January drifting along with an agenda set by others without consideration for your own life or your consent. By the end of January ask yourself, “What concrete steps have you taken to improve your life?”

Remember, we get old too quickly and wise too late.

God Bless You.

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