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    You hardly fail suddenly in any aspect of life.

    You fail in bits, on a gradual and consistent basis.

    You don’t succeed suddenly; you succeed in doing the right things, gradually, in small units, on a regular basis.

    I know a theologian is going to remind me that the race is not for the swiftest, etc. etc.

    The man who prepares, practices, and improves on his/herself has a greater chance of success than a man of grace who is lousy and ignorant.

    The race is not for the swiftest, neither would grace and mercy work for the lousy, casual, reckless, and sluggish. Grace and stupidity are not good bed fellows.

    There are so many things and processes regulated by human rules that God does not interfere with. You can’t just speak in tongues and enter a cockpit and do a transatlantic flight.

    There are changes we crave in Nigeria that prayer will not solve; only deliberately right decisions and actions can.

    There are some people, no matter how much they pray and no matter the prophecies, their lives will not change, unless they change their attitudes to life.

    Don’t live your life based on probability and exceptions, live intentionally.

    The law of cause and effect is a principle you must not take for granted no matter how spiritual you are.

    God Bless You.

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