If You Are Not Too Big To Eat, Don’t Be Too Big To Plant

In the gallery, you can see some of the fruits from my compound and the farm at the permanent site of Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor.

One day, I was eating with my wife and she noticed that the fish, vegetables, and the fufu we were eating were products from our home.

The chicken in my meal this morning is from our poultry.

I don’t buy garri at all.

People are planting crops in bags and tyres in their compounds and small plots currently.

How long will those of us in Southern Nigeria be threatened by our northern brethren with food blockade? Nearly every big man in Northern Nigeria is a farmer, including our president.

I think there is something wrong somewhere with us in the southern part of Nigeria. If our states and business people establish modern and model ranches in other parts of the country that are more productive and profitable, the issue of cattle rearing being a culture of one tribe will become illogical; all of us will become cattle breeders.

We will then have ‘Meyiti Jesus’, ‘Meyiti Allah’, ‘Meyiti Oduduwa’, ‘Meyiti Amadioha’, and ‘Meyiti Neutral’.

Let’s end this nonsense discussion about cows; It must be stopped. There are more serious economic and developmental issues in the north and south of Nigeria to be discussed instead of killing people because of cows. We are not even among the top ten cow breeding countries in the world.

Finally, inflation and the rapid increase in prices of foodstuff can render your salary useless.

We must grow what we eat to conserve our foreign exchange.

God bless you.

I’m your your friend, the Talakawa bishop, Dr. Charles Apokiiiiii.

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