Winning The War Against Poverty In Nigeria and Africa

    I acknowledge all the efforts made by institutions and nongovernmental organizations to end poverty in Africa. One problem I have had is that even as a medical doctor and a Master’s degree holder from the social sciences, I find it difficult to understand what they are saying if I sit in some of these lectures. These ideas do not percolate to the masses in the way and language they understand.

    We have set out to make it simple, demonstrable, and attractive.

    Many people feel that we, who come from air-conditioned offices to lecture them, are looking down on them or we are making profit from their low financial status.

    A lot of graduates, who are unemployed, find it difficult to key into the skill-acquisition and entrepreneurship training programs because they see the programs as an acceptance of failure when they see their mates in air-conditioned offices and as internet fraudsters.

    We are set to change the narrative at Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor, by being models that our young ones and even older persons can emulate and eliminate unemployment and poverty.

    It is a vision I am committed to and I want you to partner with me.

    God bless you.

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