On Sunday, March 29th, I spoke at the bishopric headquarters of the Church of God Mission International, Yenegoa, Bayelsa State.

To live intentionally is to think before acting. It involves premeditated and well thought-out actions. It involves tagging your actions with expectations. It involves avoiding impulsive purchases, actions, and speeches.

Some of the most intentional persons I know are politicians. Though usually very selfish, all over the world, every of their moves has the next election day in view.

You will find out that you are, to a large extent, responsible for a greater part of your life.

I intentionally don’t eat or drink anything in public apart from ministerial training; it’s for my own safety. Only Jesus can lay down his life and pick it up again. Many are called, but few are wicked. Even for me, I don’t like the way I preach; I wish I had a more diplomatic calling. Therefore, I’m very careful. It’s unfortunate the way I am wired and called.

I’m naturally a fat person. I intentionally rarely eat outside, and I don’t eat much at home too to maintain my weight.

My daughter did this recording; I have been traveling with her since she was in Junior Secondary School, if my wife or another person, usually a member of the family or a mentee, does not travel with me. They protect me from others and protect me from myself.

I left immediately I finished preaching because sweat from my wet clothes will itch my body, and I needed to sleep after driving by myself.

When you have a series of intentional actions you take each moment, daily, weekly, monthly, and annually, you avoid a lot of problems and regularly make progress.

Most successful persons live intentionally.

If Barak had remained in Hawaii, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to become a US Present. Moving to Chicago and becoming a senator in Illinois were very strategic moves.

Marry intentionally; love alone is not enough. We don’t live in a Mills and Boon series or love movies. The reality of life and living is more of responsibility and capacity to perform.

You will find out that His grace becomes more efficacious with purposeful living.

God Bless You.


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