You Don’t Need To Be Dangote or Adeleke, But You Don’t Need To Be Poor

    This post is not for everyone. Please move on if it offends you; I am not interested in your negative frustrations.

    Jesus said the poor will be with you always, but it does not need to be you.

    We had about 30 minutes of farm fellowship when the owners of these suckers came to pick them up, and they did not want to leave.

    Poverty will not be eradicated by prayer alone, but by a combination of several factors. Practical training is one of them. Sowing ‘seeds’ alone will not eradicate poverty; we need to teach our people to plant seed-bearing plants. Giving must come after teaching the people about getting. Getting comes before giving because you can’t give what you don’t have.

    I’m committed to Petra Institute, Effurun Otor, and the vision of raising one million entrepreneurs.

    Don’t wait for the jackpot; save little sums into your savings pot; it will take you out of poverty if you are consistent. Once you can save your first N10,000 from a business, the next N100,000 is much easier, if you are wise and frugal. After that, the next N100,000,000 is much easier, if you are financially ‘polygamous’ and ‘incestuous’.

    Don’t wait until you will ‘hammer’, according to the Nigerian parlance; keep knocking on small economic doors. One day, one will open to a big hall of opportunities.

    Once you are not too big to value small sums, with time, your wealth will become so big that you will think you are dreaming.

    The tragic thing about life is that no matter how much you make, little by little, reckless spending will make you financially broke before you know it. It’s not really the size of what I’m starting with that matters; it is what I’m seeing in the future that matters.

    We can change the narrative if we can intelligently handle little sums of money and opportunities with financial independence and financial freedom as our goals.

    Describing Nigeria as the nation with 85 million poor people is an insult we can’t tolerate any longer. It has worked for me; please try it. We can change the narrative.

    God Bless You.

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