This is the secret of the Talakawa Ministry—Results.

Twenty one years back, up till about ten years ago, I would print handbills, banners, and do rallies inviting people to my seminars in Ughelli; usually, very few people would come. I was very discouraged.

One in particular, I went to Ofuoma, Agbarah, Ozoro, and Oleh to distribute handbills, but the attendance was still very poor. Many of those who came behaved as if they were doing me a favour.

I was very angry with the people and the town, but after some reflection, I heard clearly in my spirit, “Just produce results, and they will come“. There was nothing wrong with the town, but I just needed to produce results, simple.

The world gravitates towards results, whether you choose to accept it or not.

I deliberately decided to turn scriptures to pictures and the people started coming to see, listen, and believe in what I was teaching.

There is an evil in Pentecostalism, and it’s this ‘Daddy and Son’ issue and ‘submission‘ doctrine. So-called successful ministers want you to turn them to ‘idols’ that you must bow down to and make ‘sacrifices’ to succeed. They are not shrines or deities. Most times, they are never willing to share the secrets of their successes with you. They want their lives to look mysterious to you by making things look too complicated.

I deliberately set out to demystify some things and I promised God I will share these ideas with as many Africans as possible.

Let’s make success pleasurable and accessible to the Talakawas.

There is hardly any idea God has shown me that I have not shared with others. The more I share, the more I receive and produce results.

Many people might not like me and my style, but I am having so much fun doing what I’m doing. I don’t need to destroy myself to fit into your expectations.

If you can see me being taken up, then you will receive the double portion” so Elijah said to Elisha.

People need to see your elevation; then, they can say, “Where now is the God of Dr. Charles Apokiiiiii?

My prayer for you is that your life will produce magnetic and expository testimonies.

My experience for some years now is that people will just be saying Wow! after my wife and I do some things.

Wow! is the language of grace, perseverance, and results. There is nothing as sweet as when you succeed outside those who were waiting for you to fail or come and bow down before them. Just learn to succeed outside them.

Remember, just produce results!

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