Be a Ladder For People to Climb—Pathway to Progress and Prosperous Living

    I am not a product of my efforts and abilities alone.

    There were people who gave me a lot of opportunities even when I was not good enough and despite my faults.

    Highly competent and successful people always give opportunities to people. The late Archbishop Benson Idahosa was a good example. He always identified and gave opportunities to local talents, and took them to places where they could manifest their gifts and talents.

    My Bishop, B. C. Edohasim also gave opportunities to us when we were just members to speak and deliver talks. He also gave us opportunities to function in leadership capabilities. That has brought me very far.

    We should act as ladders for people to climb.

    We should not be afraid to provide platforms for people to be better than us.

    All the stars shine.

    All the birds have a space to fly; you don’t see birds crashing into each other.

    That’s one problem in Africa with businesses and power. People in such positions hardly empower the younger ones properly to grow with them.

    But also, as young people, financial empowerment should not be the primary focus for motivation. Ask for ideas, methods, and principles that can transform you.

    God Bless You.

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