Documenting History and Process

    The first stage of stage 1 done.

    Very few young people I mentor have ever asked me how I started life and how I have reached this little level they are admiring.

    A very young fuel pump attendant kept me waiting in the station because she was gisting with some young internet fraudsters in a Toyota Venza car she had sold fuel to. She did not even apologize. I rebuked her for her stupidity. Those boys are very young boys in my area who did not even attend University. I am their area father because they respect my intelligence and the fact that I earned whatever I have legitimately. But the young girl did not see anything wrong in her behavior. She said she had a father like me. I told her she can never have a father like me.

    We have a serious problem of value system in our hands. The young people of today want wealth without process. They want enjoyment without commitment. They what popularity without responsibility.

    I am documenting an alternative pathway to greatness. I want those in this generation who are wise to learn that the godly way, the simple way, and the gradual and due process styles still pay.

    A lot of the young people who come around me are very interested in the brand and the popularity associated with Dr. Charles Apoki, but they find the style too difficult to follow.

    Many years from now, my great grandchildren will refer to these posts and videos and know how we built the legacy they are seeing. They will know the price of the prize.

    The next stage is coping of the DPC and filling with sharp sand.

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    God Bless You.

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