Institutionalising a Vision in the Minds of our Children’s Children

In the pursuit of transgenerational visions, there is neither male nor female.

  1. The Queen of England became the head of the British Empire spanning several nations spread over the whole world.

2. Sabanci foundation pays about 5% of the annual tax of Turkey; it is headed by a daughter.

3. The oldest continuous degree-awarding institution in the world was established by Fatima al-Fihri from the inheritance she got from her father. The University of al-Qarawiyyin is in Fez, Morocco, an Islamic nation.

4. LADOL (Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base), West Africa’s Free Zone and Logistics Hub in Nigeria, is currently headed by a female, Amy Jadesimi.

My granddaughter came visiting with my daughter. She is my first grandchild. She insisted I carry her on my shoulders round the site. That’s like trekking about 1 km with her on my shoulders. We stopped to take a break at “Sheraton hotel“.

These children can ask you questions, ehn! I had to explain several things to her. She insisted I plucked yellow cassava leaves for her. Trust me, I was in my elements behaving like her mate. She refused to join her mother back home. She stayed behind with me until we loaded cassava for processing to garri.

It reminded me of the present leader of Dubai asking his grandfather questions when he took him to the site of a new port he was constructing in a desert during an economic depression. Today, that young boy is running with the vision of Dubai and we are all flocking there.

Men with great vision don’t reason like normal people.

Success without successors is a failure.

God Bless You.

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