The administrator of Petra Christian Academy, Ughelli, drove down with my granddaughter to see how preparations are going on for my 62nd Birthday, which was on the 27th of April, 2021.

    She and her brothers are the 4th generation of the Apoki lineage.

    I am a 3rd generation Apoki.

    There is a street named after my grandfather at Otokutu town.

    I never met my grandfather, but I heard great stories of who he was, but I did not see any physical legacy.

    I’m so grateful to God that not only that I am alive, but my children and my grandchildren are witnesses to my vision, and they will run with the baton.

    We should not become storytellers, but become history makers.

    Gehazi was only a storyteller, while Elisha and Elijah were historymakers.

    You will make history. You will not be only a storyteller in Jesus’ name.

    God Bless You.

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