Institutionalising Responsibility and Joy in Executing a Vision

    These are three generations of seriously unserious people.

    There is a child in some of us that refused to die, even though it has grown up.

    I turned round and saw my daughter and my granddaughter on top of a heap of granite dancing and I joined them in the fun.

    I checked my blood pressure the previous day and it was 120/80.

    The joy goes on, despite the challenges, ups and downs, and the uncertainty of executing a vision. We are unseriously taking it very seriously.

    Doing everything with joy turns it to a hobby. If you really review everything you take as a hobby, how much do you earn from doing them? I better enjoy this one that pays me. I might not be doing what I’m supposed to be doing and where I’m supposed to doing it, but I am compelled to love and derive joy from doing it.

    After everything, what I’m doing might just be the prayer point of someone.

    You might not even realize the pressure those you are admiring are going through.

    Life is too short for a long frown.


    God Bless You.

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