I have always loved a good laugh.

There is nothing as great as having fun, doing what you do, with all seriousness.

My guest at the farm fellowship asked if I go on vacation?

I told him I’m nearly always on vacation doing what I’m doing.

I create and derive so much pleasure in whatever I do.

In the pursuit of my set objectives, I don’t wait until I achieve what I’m pursuing; the fun in the unusual approach is part of the achievement.

I don’t want to be like a typical preacher, with a frown on his face as if he is a mortician. Jesus was the one who died on the cross; I don’t need to create unnecessary pain for myself, despite my challenges.

All the air of over-spirituality, most times, is just to ‘quequenize‘ (intimidate or frighten) people.

With very little technological equipment and lots of fun, I am influencing people across denominational boundaries and international boundaries.

Only one post I made on the ‘Two-Tribe Theory‘, was shared on a different social media platform, and has had more than 781,000 views.

The way the oligarchy fights (that was made during the #EndSARS) has had up to a million views and more across different platforms. The one I did with cassava stems on my SUV is currently trending on different platforms.

I always ask myself if I can achieve an objective in an unusual but legal way. Can I make an impact with less energy, cost, people, ‘packaging’, and simplicity. The energy of conformity to complexity is too restraining and stressful to me.

Truly, I appreciate those who don’t like me and the way I live; they reduce my stress. At least, they are most likely to avoid me.

My new formula of not responding to idiotic comments is a very powerful training. I only trashed one who wanted to doubt my medical training because I have a lot of prominent people on that platform who know me.

Finally, the unusual road is less crowded and less expensive.

These next decades are decades of very unusual approaches. White wedding gowns, English coats, long bridal trains, big receptions, etc. are gradually going to be challenged by new realities.

Several businesses and ministries will be challenged by minimalism and unusualism.

God Bless You.

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