A Neurosurgeon Came For Farm Fellowship Today

    I have had only two medical doctors come visiting at the farm fellowship.

    The first was a US-based medical doctor, resident in Palm Beach, Florida, the medical director of Fine Care Diagnostics Ltd, Ugberikoko Road, Sapele, Dr. Ejoke Ughwanogho, who, out of love for his people, has established a very well-equipped, beautiful, and comprehensive diagnostic center at Sapele.

    On the 6th of April, it was the turn of a neurosurgeon who came visiting. This is one of the specialties with the least number of consultants in Nigeria.

    What fascinated me was his age. He was 4 years old when I left medical school.

    He was such a blessing to me and a sign that there is hope for our nation.

    I also had a call from Seoul, South Korea, from one of the followers of Farm Fellowship international. That was another great motivation, when I was thinking of taking a break from social media.

    When you are feeling discouraged, remember that there are people you are making a meaning in their lives.

    April 27th is my birthday. I will be 62 years old. I hope to celebrate it in the Farm Fellowship, international, and I’m preparing to lay the foundation of Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor that day.

    Several Nigerians in Nigeria and in the Diaspora want to come visit me at the farm fellowship on appointment. I believe God that we will have a beautiful place where we can do training and have good fellowship and relaxation.

    Thanks for all your encouragement.

    God Bless You.

    I’m your friend, Dr. Charles Apokiiiiii.

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