Reciprocity of Value

    Value is the currency of life.

    Great relationships and interactions are based on exchange of values and mutual edification and promotion. Anything outside mutual edification is mutual deception or one-sided exploitation. Your network of values will, most likely, determine your net-worth. The people who have value for you will translate eventually to capital: social or economic capital.

    I had this call from a man who identified himself as a commercial bike rider, popularly called okada in Nigeria. I later learnt that he used to follow me on YouTube and on my radio program on Quest FM, 93.1. He said he was at Epini Hotel owned by my school mate at the University of Ibadan.

    So, I got dressed because I was already closed for the day.

    I went to see this okada man who calls me his mentor.

    Value is reciprocal. If an okada man values me, I must value him in return.

    He later informed me that he hit a car at a turning near my house, and that his motor bike was apprehended because he hit the car from behind. He was wrong. It later turned out that it was my lawyer’s car that he hit from behind. He damaged the boot and the bumper.

    I followed him to the hotel, I called my lawyer, and offered to pay for a new boot cover and the repairs of the bumper. His motor bike was released, he took his bike, and returned home.

    I am constantly learning.

    I was like Jesus to him. Even when he was wrong, he called his helper and benefactor. I have never met him before, but my word was in his heart and his mouth. I rescued him from his distress and set him free. I paid the cost for his wrong action and he went home rejoicing.

    I picked his call even though he was an okada man. His status did not matter to me, and I went to rescue him even though he was wrong.

    Jesus will answer your call to him. Jesus is more compassionate than I am.

    I’m not a good man; I am only saved by his grace.

    I’m learning that leadership must carry responsibility. A mentor should have some level of capacity to relieve a mentee from the strangle hold of life.

    Popularity carries a price and a burden. Popularity demands responsibility. I’m happy to have positively influenced a young man who is struggling to make ends meet, and who sees me as an influencer.

    My messages are on his phone and he played one for me.

    I must say that the young man had social intelligence.

    In this information era and global street, the solution to your problem is just a few phone calls away.

    Glory to God.

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