Thou Shalt Not Deceive Thyself

    Someone recently sent me a message that I should send him money to convey the corpse of his father from Port Harcourt to Imo State because he hadn’t enough money for the burial slated for the next day. The annoying part was that he said the “God” of his mission was going to reward me.

    I told him to call his pastor where he pays his tithe and gives his offerings.

    Lessons of Life

    1. You cannot create an emergency for me with your reckless religious stupidity.

    I buried both my parents when I was 32 years old, just three to four weeks apart. I even built a house then. I did not beg.

    2. Don’t intimidate me with all these your denominational ‘gods’ and general overseer’s personal gods.

    They are not spiritual ATMs that dispense money. I don’t depend on the “God” of my denomination for financial breakthrough. I hustle my hustles.

    3. Decongest your life of religious emotionalism.

    The pronouncements of we motivational preachers do not translate to financial buoyancy, if you don’t hustle your little hustles.

    4. Forget our suits and big cars; a lot of them are gifts and are funded by the goodwill of our members and other people.

    God does not always bless you that way. He blesses the work of your hands.

    Hustle your hustles.

    4. Young minister, teach your wife to hustle, and you man of God, please have a side hustle.

    It takes time to reach the big league in ministry legitimately.

    5. Before you reach the level you admire, please hustle your hustles.

    Many of us motivational speakers don’t have any tangible assets outside our cars, beautiful clothes, and the packaging you admire.

    6. I have seen big men of God buried in the bush in their communities, with nothing to show.

    Don’t mind our big testimonies; not all are real.

    7. Pastor’s wife, hustle your hustles.

    If they retire your husband, or God forbid, the unexpected happens, you will know how terrible church folks and denominations can be.

    8. I hustle my small hustles outside the honorarium they give to me.

    I can’t wait for them and their invitations before I hustle my hustles. My little hustles might look mean, but with time and consistency, they make financial meaning in my life.

    9. Young man, please decongest yourself of side chicks; they are illegitimate drains on your finances and emotions.

    Instead, do legitimate side deals; they will bring gain and profit to your life.

    10. I sold 25 bags of poultry manure for 5000 Naira on the 2nd of April, 2021.

    Listen and listen well: if you can pay for the smallest expenses, don’t be ashamed to make small incomes. Cumulatively, both expenses and incomes will amount to large sums over time.

    Remember, schools will resume after the Easter celebrations and house rents will be due 12 days later.

    Don’t get carried away by the religious emotionalism and excitement of Easter.

    The wise are making money during this period; don’t be the loser.

    Easter and Christmas are usually hyped for other reasons. They are creations of men. They are dates mutually agreed upon to commemorate the death and birth of Jesus Christ.

    They are not real.

    The reality is in your heart and relationship with Jehovah, through christ.

    I nor be Dangote or Adeleke, but I dey okay.

    God Bless You.

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