1. The years cascade into each other; there is no real “cross over”.

    Nearly every dedicated dates, apart from dates that concern you personally like your birthday or anniversaries, are hyped for commercial reasons to benefit those who control the economies of the world.

    From Valentine’s day, Christmas, Easter, Black Fridays, to even pilgrimages are hyped for commercial reasons, far beyond their relevance.

    Going to Israel has not been my priority. I will only visit Israel because of their expertise in agriculture, business, technology, and strategy instead of assumed religious sites.

    I don’t even need to go to a mountain to pray before God answers my prayer or blesses me. Look carefully at the workers in the mountain, they have unsolved problems too. After all, there are security guards and cleaners there who beg you for help. Mountains don’t answer prayers; God does not live in mountains.

    We need spiritual maturity now!

    What was your contribution to humanity last year or were you just a consumer?

    How much did you earn during the festive period compared to how much you spent?

    It will shock you to know the highest beer consuming Local Government Area in Nigeria

    2. Those who control the wealth of nations hardly attend crossover night services.

    They are usually very calm, calculating, and strategically planning how they will actualize the plans and projects they started last year.

    3. There is really nothing like “cross over to take over”.

    It is what you planted last year that you will take over.

    Why have you not asked yourself whose own are you going to take over? If you think taking over another man’s place, power, position, and possession is by shouting a loud amen? You are deluding yourself.

    4. Do not try to fit into an image someone else, church, or society is creating for you.

    As a man thinks in his heart so he is. God does exceedingly abundantly above what you can dream of or imagine. You must, however, do the thinking, dreaming and imagination of your future personally.

    My new year is not determined by church slogans or prophetic declarations now that I am a son of God. Maturity demands personal responsibility.

    5. It will shock you to know that the “earnest expectation” of all creation is for the manifestation of the sons of God, not children or servants of God.

    The world is looking for change makers and game changers. The world is looking for direction providers and influencers.

    God Bless You.


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