Most times, I pray with my eyes open unless I’m being distracted in a public place. But I always have my mind open to hear from God.

    When I have heard from God, the opinions of men and the circumstances around hardly distract me.

    When I came to Ughelli from Aba, I met some pastors who were always complaining that there was no money in Ughelli. But I saw traders were always going to Onitsha to buy goods and new banks were being opened.

    There was no good telephone service then, and I used to go to Warri to make phone calls and check my emails.

    The dream of most pastors then was to get European or American partners or sponsors of their ministry.

    There was the pressure to move to bigger and more prosperous cities.

    I always reminded God about the prayer Bishop B. C. Edohasim prayed over me. I learnt on reflection, that you don’t only believe in a prayer of a great man of God, but your attitude and actions must reflect your faith in that prophetic prayer. You must constantly remind yourself of the prophetic prayer, then walk and work in the light of the prophetic prayer.

    I heard clearly from the Holy Spirit that Ughelli was going to develop and that I should buy land then.

    I obeyed and bought quite some land spaces. People were making negative comments, but I bought still. Those properties have become prime properties. Many church folks are too rapture-conscious that they don’t invest in real estate.

    I deprived myself of a lot of comfort and bought land spaces and built structures.

    As you will see in the videos in the Facebook post, development has come around were I bought and built.

    Some Christians are still complaining that there is no money in Ughelli, but from the videos you can see the crowd spending money in only one place near my area. There are several other spots like that were filled to the brim that day. The previous day, most of the hotels in Ughelli were fully booked; there were no rooms available for days.

    Ughelli North Local Government is a major consumer of several commodities in Delta State, if not the highest consumer of several. The statistics will shock you.

    People you must avoid in 2021

    1. Those who always complain.
    2. Those who are not investors.
    3. Those who are always critical of successful people.
    4. Those who think that the world is owing them something—people with an entitlement mentality.
    5. Those always complaining of lack of helpers. Something must be wrong with their character.
    6. Personally, I don’t relate with people who always see demons in everything and everywhere.
    7. Personally, I don’t take seriously, those who see end-time and Antichrist in everything or incidence.
    8. I also don’t live on the dreams of others. If you are always dreaming, I don’t take you very seriously. Wake up and drive your life.

    I know several of such people; they don’t change from year to year, even as the city they live in is developing.

    Please make 2021 count, no matter what happens.

    God bless you.

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