It’s been quite a very hectic period.

    I left for Asaba to do a radio program on 2/12/2020. From there, I was at Aba on 4/12/2020.

    I went to Port Harcourt to speak to Urhobo Progress Union on 5/12/2020, and came back to Aba to speak that same evening.

    On Sunday, I preached, and was back to Ughelli on Monday.

    On Tuesday, I spoke to the Urhobo Youth Assembly, and later went to the farm.

    The next morning, I was off to Asaba to do another radio program.

    Lessons of My Life

    1. Life is not easy anywhere.

    Go and visit your brethren who send you money from overseas, you will be shocked to see how hard they work to earn the money they send you.

    Sometimes, I wonder how our brothers manage to impregnate their wives with the number of jobs they do to pay bills and save.

    You will not understand how much they deprive themselves to send you that money.

    2. Popularity carries a heavy burden.

    You will not understand why some stars commit suicide, take drugs, and are sexually promiscuous.

    I’m not defending them, but at a point, if you are not careful, you will lose your private life.

    People see you as their personal property.

    Everybody wants to take a selfie with you, even when you are in a hurry. You can’t refuse them, else they will feel bad. You, too, do not want to be rude or perceived as being proud.

    They want to call you at odd times.

    They think you have the anointing to solve every problem or answer all their questions.

    3. If you are perceived to be rich, then you are in a hot soup.

    You can’t live a normal life. You don’t know the joy of being able to walk free in the streets without armed men following you everywhere. I derive joy from trekking to my office.

    I enjoy sitting down with my mechanics, panel beater, and electrician. They knew me when I was nobody 20 years ago. I trekked to go visit them two days back because I have not seen them for some time. We had a great time. I learn from their stories. I spice my messages with their jokes and stories too.

    When you are perceived to be rich, the financial demands you receive daily will suffocate you.

    They don’t understand when you are broke.

    4. When you win an election in a place like Nigeria, you are finished.

    All those you have a relationship with, from nursery, primary, secondary schools, to University must place demands on you. All the branch churches of your denomination will invite you to their fundraising programs and Thanksgiving services.

    Early in the morning, your house is like the banking hall of a Nigerian bank after several days of public holidays.

    5. If not for the love for what you do and humanity, every congratulation you receive, carries a burden.

    Self actualization is another motivation, if not, every congratulatory message carries a burden.

    Go and ask a woman who has had triplets after being barren for some years. After the euphoria, reality gradually sets in. After the joy of wedding, the reality and responsibilities of marriage set in.

    6. I admire and celebrate the successes of others, but I don’t want to be in their shoes.

    I try to focus on my responsibilities and derive joy from what I’m doing.

    I have eaten very expensive meals, but most times, they are basically the same. Usually you will still end up in the restroom. At a stage, the fear of cholesterol and glucose will force you to be eating grass like herbivores.

    I try to separate myself from my popularity. I try to live as a regular and natural me.

    I know how to switch off and move off when the pressure is debilitating and suffocating.

    It’s my life, not our life.

    I will give a personal account.

    God bless you.

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