Because of Church folks and over-religious folks, let me state upfront what I do with my life.

    1. I am a short-term missionary.

    I go for missionary work in some of the most difficult, remote, and poor places in Africa and Nigeria. I don’t take offerings; instead, I finance such trips. But they don’t last more than a few days or weeks.

    2. I preach in churches.

    I’m usually invited to speak in different denominations on various issues of the faith. I usually insist that I won’t do fundraising in the course of the program. I don’t place any specific financial responsibilities upon them.

    3. I run the Word and Wisdom Conferences every October 1st and Easter Monday by 10 a.m. in our school at Ughelli.

    Attendance is usually free, excepting when they need to pay for conference materials. We usually serve refreshments. I fund such conferences from my pocket. Most times, only the attendees demand to give offerings.

    4. I do a radio program on Quest FM Radio, 93.1, 6:30 a.m. every Wednesday.

    It is sponsored by Salimo Wits Foundation.

    5. I do business and I expect to make profit.

    6. I act as a resource person to Government, different organisations, and companies.

    I charge appearance fees for such lectures. I found out that academic brilliance and knowledge do not immediately translate to wealth, relevance, or recognition, especially in Nigeria. There were PhD holders who applied as truck drivers for Dangote.

    Before God said, “Go to the ant and be wise . . .“, it means that even though animals don’t have certificates, they are intelligent. To translate academic brilliance, anointing, or talent to recognition, wealth, and social relevance, you must create a base and a platform.

    If people find out that you are dependent upon them for survival, promotion, and relevance, they will treat you like trash. If people feel they are doing you a favour by patronising your goods and services, they treat you like trash. When they think you need them to feel significant, they treat you like trash.

    Church folks value material success, fame, wealth, and power more than they pretend to. No matter your anointing, brilliance, talents, and content, church folks treat you like trash once they notice you don’t place value on yourself. It is so sad.

    Once I noticed that, I tried to create both an operational base and a financial platform. I also tried to create evidence of my academic brilliance and anointing by mixing it with native Intelligence, social intelligence, and financial Intelligence. Once the results started manifesting, those who treated my like trash before started needing my services. When they treated me like trash, they only admired and desired my anointing, brilliance, and knowledge. I developed my life such that I did not need them. If you pretend not to notice me, I will help you not to see me until you need me.

    When those who treated me like trash need me, I place a cash demand on them so that they don’t treat me like trash again. I discovered something very interesting. They are only willing to pay for my time that they could afford. Before now, I spent so much time with very little appreciation of my efforts and time.

    Develop yourself such that you can pay for the services you need, so that you can have enough time for yourself, family, and God.

    When people need you, they will be pay for the time and effort you allocate to them.


    The reason you are paid monthly salary is because you need your job. Since February 28, 1988, I have been self-employed. When your company or church need people, they pay them differently. They might not be better than you, but they have a platform and a base.

    If you are angry with me, it’s your business. It’s my life and only me will give account of it.

    God bless you.


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