Set your goals and objectives within the the legal and spiritual normalcy of society in general. That means don’t be criminally minded and don’t be a religious freak.

    However, set your unique goals.


    Set your style

    The simpler, the better for me. I have found out that the simplest systems work better and last longer. Many complications are not necessary. You do not need to conform to the general trends.

    There is so much hype in religion, fashion, music, and politics.


    Set your speed

    There is too much haste in this generation.

    Someone from overseas called and said he noticed that I was very relaxed in all that I do. Yes, I’m not sluggish, but I’m not competing with anyone.


    Set your size at each stage

    We started with a few students and only a few nursery and primary classes. It took 5 years before we started a secondary school.

    Don’t be in a hurry to expand.


    This sign, $, should not be your primary measurement of success.

    You can make gain without making profit. Gain is immediate benefit, especially financial, but profit is long-term benefit like goodwill, reputation, and legacy. Everything must not boil down to monetary terms.

    S6 & S7

    Don’t base your success on size and statistics.

    You might not have the capacity to manage some things at a certain stage.

    Don’t swell suddenly; grow gradually. Swelling is reversible, while growth is irreversible in size. Swelling builds under pressure, while growth is usually with pleasure. A lot of things like health, relationships, and faith can crumble under the pressure of success.



    There is nothing like a ‘satisfactionometer’. You must personally set the bar for your satisfaction. If you don’t do that, the hedonic treadmill will wear you out. You will always have someone somewhere that has something you don’t have or reached somewhere you have not reached.

    S9 & S10

    Simulation and Sustainability

    Success without a successor is not good. Sustainability is more important than size and speed. Sustainability is more important than simulation.

    Better be real with yourself.

    Pretend to be less than your what you are worth and sustain what you are doing, than pretend to be more than your worth and fade away after a short while.

    I usually watch a program on CNN that chronicles businesses that have lasted more than 100 years. I’m always amazed at how they have managed to keep them going. This is one thing African entrepreneurs must think deeply about.

    God bless you.


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