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Readiness To Act in Dynamic and Cascading Years

People are either in a position of rest, reluctance, or readiness to act.

The decade, 2020 to 2030, is going to be a decade of rapid changes, after the initial slowdown, immediately the vaccinations for COVID-19 reach a certain peak, and infection and death rates decline significantly.

1. Readiness to get, evaluate, and harness new ideas and information will be key in this decade, even this year 2021.

There is going to be a lot of information, disinformation, and falsehood.

You must create information analysers and filters in your mind.

You must know what to act on immediately, those for delayed actions, and those to throw away.

The three conflict zones will be Science, Spirituality, and Superstition.

2. Don’t put your mental gears on neutral; please engage your mind.

Opportunities are going to come as raw materials enveloped in information. Your security, sustainability, and survival are based on relevant and timely information.

3. Learn to use your brains to think for yourself.

Tune your spiritual, electronic, and digital antennae very well.

4. You can’t determine what the sea will bring to the shoreline, but you can decide to do something with what it brings to your beach.

You can sit and observe the waves or you can sail or surf them.

The year is neutral; you are, to a large extent, going to determine what you do with it.

God bless you.


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