Review Your Life As The Years Cascade Into Each Other

1. Consider your life as an investment and a business entity.

2. Do a personal audit of your life, with a view to review your performance

  • Areas you did well and you need to improve on.
  • Opportunities you harnessed well and those you did not, and why.
  • Activities, people, places and habits that drained your emotional strength, finances, time, and energy without commensurate returns should be minimized or avoided.

3. Learn to let go off some issues and some people.

There have been lots of losses in 2020, for example.

You can’t remain gloomy throughout life because of the loss of a dear one. Life must go on.

4. Readjust, redirect, and refine your plans and efforts to fit present-day realities.

As good as planning and preparations are, the reality on ground should cause readjustments. Don’t be in a state of intellectual-rigour mortis.

5. Plan and live as if you have the whole century, but act definitively and intentionally because life is no longer as predictable as before.

God bless you.

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