The nature of God is in everything He created.
    God cannot be confined or limited.
    Jesus said that he who is born again is like the wind; you cannot limit or even explain his progress.

    1. Productivity is the nature of God.
    If we are created in His image and likeness, then creativity and meeting expectations are part of our intrinsic nature.

    2. With God, you do not need anyone’s permission to break forth.
    You definitely need assistance.
    I notice that each time I removed weeds from around the cassava plants, they grew bigger. Weeds compete for nutrients from the soil.
    There are people, ideas, and habits that are “weeds” in your life. They compete with your productivity. Remove them.

    3. There is the need to maximize what is in you and what is in your environment and God’s grace to produce tangible results this year.
    His grace is sufficient.
    There is so much around you, but you must be willing to play your part.
    Stop complaining.
    Yes, you have been giving too many excuses.
    Stop those excuses; no reasonable person is buying into your excuses.

    4. Create space for yourself
    Be more forceful and consistent in your push to maximize your life.
    That is what is called breakthrough.
    Break and crack your limitations.
    If a cassava tuber can do it, you too can do it.
    You are better than a cassava tuber.

    God bless you.

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