The Financial Implications of the Cascading Years

    1. The year 2020 and COVID-19 saw a lot of nations and businesses facing economic challenges.

    The pair of COVID-19 and economic depression came with 2021 like as a placenta follows a child after childbirth.

    2. Your rent, school fees, and financial responsibilities are going to definitely increase in 2021.

    3. There is no guarantee that your salary will increase commensurately to match your financial responsibilities.

    4. In Nigeria, I pray there is no second lockdown.

    But there are some nations that have gone into a second lockdown. Businesses are closed or operating below profit margins. Even churches are likely going to experience financial challenges.

    5. The forgings demand creative thinking about how to increase the inflow of legitimate money.

    6. As your age increases, your experiences and responsibilities increase.

    If your income does not increase commensurately, no matter how loud your amen is to prophetic declarations, it will be followed by a deafening silence of financial depression.

    Someone rightly said that we get old too quickly and wise too late.

    Be wise in this decade; it’s a very unique one.

    Most folks will only tell you what will tingle your ears.

    They don’t even know what new realities are ahead.

    God bless you.

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