Miraculous Money?

Someone asked a question,

Dr. Apoki Charles, We are tired of the principles and processes of wealth. We need the miracles. Are there no good miracles of wealth?

The miraculous is only an intermittent intervention of divinity in the affairs of humanity when humanity is helpless and confused.

That God multiplied fish and bread did not prevent people from owning bakeries, producing bread, or owning fishing boats.

Peter could not have depended on Jesus everyday for miraculous fish everyday.

You can have surprise money or gifts, but it is not sustainable every day, and somebody actually paid the price for it somewhere. However, if you don’t have a vision, you might not get provision.

Miraculous money is the reason false prophets do very well in Africa and all around the world. That’s because the average African wants to outsource responsibility.

Miraculous money is also why rich-quick schemes never go out of date and people still fall prey to them.

Sustainable wealth can only be created based on principles, processes, and practices.

The miraculous is very probabilistic and unsustainable; it cannot happen to everyone.

God Bless You.

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