Tikooh Back Your Life

    Life might have taken so much from you, but you sometimes have to aggressively take back what you deserve or what rightfully belongs to you.

    I compensated for the educational backwardness of my parents by becoming a medical doctor

    I compensated for the backwardness of my family by making sure my children got the best education overseas

    I compensated for my idolatrous background by becoming a preacher/teacher of the Word of God

    I compensated for my parents not owning property by buying real estate and building institutions

    We have been in the hands of the same people who have taken so much from us. Nigerians need to Tikoh their destiny from the hands of the few politicians who have seized it

    Where has life left you? What has life taken from you?

    It is time to take it back!

    Tikoh back your destiny!

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