How Much Of Your Life Have You Thrown Away?

    Wealth is cultivated; it is grown, nurtured, and then the harvest comes with time.

    What little seeds have you thrown away?

    These attempts to get wealthy overnight is responsible for a lot of the rituals, internet fraud, and blackmail. True money is made legitimately and gradually.

    How much money have you thrown away on excitement, extravagance, etc?

    Creating wealth is deliberate. Wealth is grown from potentials. When you see a potential is something, deliberately grow and nurture it.

    A lot of the wealth overseas are the things Africa throws away, not able to manage, don’t add value to, and don’t nurture.

    How much of life are you driving past?

    How much of life are you throwing away?

    How much of the remnants of your life are you reinvesting?

    How much of the substance of your life are you investing?

    We get wise too late, and get old too quickly.

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