Don’t Outsource Your Life

    Don’t expect someone who has not managed his/her personal life well to manage your business unsupervised.

    Learn to take hard decisions to effectively manage your business.

    I decided to be directly involved in the processing of this batch of cassava to garri. I need to make some profit from it to reinvest this planting season.

    I had to convey them to Ughelli for processing.

    There is a second batch to be processed tomorrow.

    My wife will supervise the sales.

    Many people who work for you think that you are too big to pay attention to details. They think they can make losses on your behalf because you are very rich.

    My wife caught our poultry worker with stolen eggs yesterday. Imagine stealing half a crate of eggs with the high cost of feeds.

    If you are not careful to pay attention to details, you will be making huge losses without your knowing.

    I bring Christ into my business, but I don’t bring “church folk” mentality into it.

    I want to thank my partner in the Farm Fellowship International that sent this Toyota Hilux truck as a utility van. It’s been of great help.

    God bless him richly in Jesus name, Amen.

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