These are the things that have personally helped me in the pursuit of sustaining godly virtues and values as a continuation from the first post:

    1. You will definitely need the grace of God to remain disciplined in a dysfunctional and prismatic society like Nigeria.
    2. Take a personal decision to dare to be different and follow the godly pathway.
      Jesus remains the way.
    3. Don’t clamour to be popular.
    4. Be prepared to be criticised by small minds who benefit from the rottenness of Nigeria.
    5. Be ready to be cursed, hated, and abused by godless religious people whose ‘god’ is their belly.
    6. Dare to walk alone.
    7. Cultivate a simple and modest life with contentment.
    8. Stick to what is godly, sustainable, and enduring.
    9. The fear of man will turn out to be a snare. Respectfully stand your ground.
    10. Have a support group of people with godly virtues.
    11. Be financially independent.
      Don’t base your relevance and survival on someone’s budget, body, brains, and blessings.
    12. Have multiple streams of income, to be able to walk away from anything that tends to make you falter.
    13. Never be desperate.
    14. Christian lawyers must stand for social justice, speak for the voiceless, fight for the weak, and fight injustice anywhere and everywhere.

    There is palpable docility amongst Christian lawyers, particularly in the South-South geopolitical zone in the fight against social injustice. This rattled the table a little bit and the chairman asked me to expatiate on that issue which I eloquently did.

    Pictures courtesy of Barr. Igho Okeya, my lawyer. You can’t go to a meeting of lawyers without legal representation. It’s a great risk.

    We had a great time.

    I have never been among so many lawyers before.

    God Bless You.


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