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I was at the First Baptist church Ughelli to speak to youths from different branches of the Baptist Convention. I’m so excited that there is a deliberate attempt to teach our youths the truth about wealth creation.

Money has an arbitrary value as a medium of transaction. Every transaction is an exchange of values. Most purchases are made emotionally based on arbitrary values. I asked them to put a price tag on the dress I was wearing. Some said N10,000, others N25,000; my laundry man put a value of N100,000. All of them were correct and equally wrong. Only I know the right price.

The development of the mental capacity to know the values of people, and setting out to meet and surpass it, is key to creating wealth. Once you get that right, then develop a mindset of becoming a person of value. Many people can be doing the same thing, but it’s only that individual that has an insight of developing the capacity to meet the values of his potential customers that will create wealth.

Recently, I have been giving lectures to Corporate bodies around Ughelli and it will shock you how much they are willing to pay for the lectures.

My wife and I went for lunch somewhere and someone put some money on a plate to welcome me, according to our Urhobo custom, and some men, a distance from our table, stood up and filled the plate with more notes.

Give and it shall be given unto you is not necessarily offering. Give value to people; they will reciprocate by giving you more value than you gave. You must develop the mental capacity to identify value addition opportunities in your environment.

The reason Christians flock to Dubai, despite the fact that it’s a Muslim nation is that they added value to their environment and to those who visit there.

Many young people are so eager to be introduced to our contacts, but they fail to ask themselves if those our friends don’t come in contact with other young people closer to them than you. You have to ask yourself, “What special value are you going to add to his/her life?

Joseph added value to Potiphar’s household. Even in prison, Joseph added value to the system and the warden. He became of value to one of the prisoners from the Palace. That prisoner introduced him to Pharaoh, and he brought value to Pharaoh and Egypt. Even Jacob added value to Laban and he was asked to name his wages.

Wealthy people are worthy people; they are distributors and attractors of value. Wealthy people are not in need of worthless friends, so don’t be eager to be introduced to them. I once thought that was a breakthrough until I realized that when you become a person of value, they come looking for you.

A young boy, Isaiah (real name), who was a security guard in the compound that shares a fence with my secondary school was so helpful to a man who was a tenant in that compound. He would wash his car and go on errands for him. The man worked offshore in an oil company. Before he retired, he ensured that Isaiah was employed in the same company. Isaiah now works offshore, earning good pay. There were many other young boys in our street, but Isaiah stood out as a value contributor.

First, be a person of value, and wealth will come.

Check the story of Astoria hotels.

God Bless You.

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