Abandoned Visions Turn Into Nightmares

    I was close to the age of 40 years when I suddenly realised that I had abandoned my vision for life and was becoming a tool or even a broom in a vision I was not responsible for.

    I came to realise the following realities:

    P1 – Purpose

    Take personal responsibility for your life and purposes.

    In the Parable of Talents, each servant was responsible for the management of his talent. It was not a congregational or denominational responsibility. The earlier you realise this, the better for you and the fewer chances you have of complaining about your denominational leadership.

    A purpose-driven life is more beneficial to a denomination than a life merely in pursuit of miracles.

    P2 – Personal pronouncements upon your life

    You are the most effective prophet in your life. Prophecies don’t work on visionless lives unless it’s of predictable doom. You can pronounce your future into existence.

    P3 – Prayers

    Prayers must be for purposes beyond your personal needs. When I found a purpose beyond my personal needs, Jehovah became a partner in my vision.

    Most of what I do are not for my immediate personal needs. They are mainly to meet the needs of humanity. You reach a stage in life when your personal needs are met by the humanity which you serve.

    I always wonder how you allow others to determine what you pray about and you even repeat prayers after people (that you most times don’t understand). You know your pains and purposes, and you are in the best position to discuss with your father.

    I am my best prayer partner.

    You can hold a contrary opinion, but as far as it’s my personal life, I know my needs more than anyone else.

    P4 – Preparation

    I started buying land here (at Effurun-Otor) 9 years back, bit by bit.

    I moulded blocks many years ago. I had also accumulated about 20 trips of sand some years back from the honorarium I received from my lectures and preaching engagements.

    P5 – Planning

    When your purpose is for kingdom development, the spirit of the Lord is part of your planning. Your planning is like prophecy.

    I waited for the right time before laying the foundation of the building.

    Planning brings prioritisation and order to your life.

    P6 – Push and pursuit of purpose

    Your purpose must follow you to bed, get you out of bed, and send you to work on your purpose.

    Wake up and work on your purpose, if not weeds will grow on it.

    P7 – Perspective

    Know where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there.

    P8 – People

    You need the right people to help you push your dream to fruition. Some people are speed breakers and fire extinguishers. Some are subtractors and dividers. Avoid them.

    After all the prayers and prophecies, stand up and pursue your purpose.

    God Bless You.

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