Hello, I’m Dr. Charles Apoki, and today we’re going to talk about a critical topic: “Money is an Idiot. You Need Financial Intelligence to Be Rich.” Let’s dive into why understanding financial principles is essential for wealth creation.

Money in the Modern Era:

In our current dispensation, money has no religious bias. It responds to key principles that are vastly different from those of the agrarian era, which most religious teachings are drawn from. While the grace of God is undoubtedly essential, a Muslim, Buddhist, or even an unbeliever who understands modern financial principles will make more money than a very righteous Christian.

The truth is, Christ died to save our souls, not to turn us into millionaires. This misplaced emphasis on wealth through religious activities has led to much evil and desperation in our churches.

Principles of Money:

1 – Money Must First Be Made

There are legitimate principles for making money. If you don’t understand these principles and aren’t willing to learn, forget about making money. Knowing how to generate income is the foundation of financial intelligence.

2 – Money Must Be Multiplied

Money has both apparent and latent value. The expressible potential within each sum of money is the secret to growing your wealth. This is financial intelligence, a skill not taught in business or Bible schools but in the school of the rich. Knowing how to multiply money is crucial for long-term wealth.

3 – Money is an Irresponsible and Irrepressible Vagrant

Money needs to be managed and confined within your system. If not, it will develop wings and fly away. Proper management and investment are necessary to keep money from slipping through your fingers.

4 – The Production of Money Has to Be Maintained at a Sustainable Pace

If your expenditure exceeds your income, you will become poor. Balancing your earnings and spending is vital to maintaining financial health.

5 – Money Must Generate Momentum

Money must generate critical mass multiplied by the velocity of replication, creating financial force. When this force is applied to achieve specific or multiple objectives, it’s called financial power. Money on its own is useless without the ability to accomplish set goals.

The Story Behind These Principles:

In 2021, a man supplying sand needed money to dredge sand. I lent him N200,000 (two hundred thousand Naira) in advance, knowing I would need sand for the foundation of the first building at Petra Institute Effurun-Otor. In return, he gave me a discount of 2,500 Naira per trip of sand. I bought 165 trips and saved 412,500 Naira from my initial investment of N200,000. This return on investment made both of us happy.

Later, he needed another N100,000 to dredge sand. I lent him the money, knowing I would need more sand to mold blocks for the building. Timing is crucial in financial decisions. I negotiated another discount, saving between N60,000 to N100,000 on my N100,000 investment.

This is how you handle money. Making money becomes interesting when you turn it into a game. There are other strategies I will share when the time and atmosphere are right.

The groove is over, and you have crossed over. Gain wisdom to take over in Jesus’ name. Amen.

God Bless You.

Dr. Charles Apoki



  1. Thanks sir. The man you played this game of money with was a genuine business person, that understands the terms of agreement. On the other hand, we have many persons in our day to day transactions that go against terms, please what method or style can i apply to make sure I play my part smartly and not be played?

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