Work Has Started On My Carryovers

I have started working on my carryovers.

This manure is a carryover from last year to improve the productivity of the carryover cassava I planted last year.

My wife has been a constant carryover for the past 37 years. I no longer pray for her to change; I only ask for more grace to marry her. l know I am her biggest carryover, but she is coping with my abnormality.

Don’t be under pressure from motivational preachers like me; we all have carryovers. Uncompleted church buildings are carryovers.

The problem with several unproductive people is that they don’t know when to stop the groove and be on the move. Your bills did not stop during the holidays. Those who hype the festive periods were making more money from their airlines, transportation businesses, eateries, lounges, hotels, and shopping malls. They were not carried away by the groove.

January is the planting season for the later harvest of the year.

Yesterday, I stocked broilers for the next groove during Easter. I also stocked some layers to replace some older ones. I will sell the old layers later to an eatery where young people come to eat.

The groove is over; return to your business place before others take your customers.

The groove is over; leave your village and go back to your base before you start begging for money to buy fuel or a ticket to go back home.

The groove is over; go back to your base before they start falling sick in the village.

The groove is over; house rent and school fees are waiting.

God Bless You

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