I have always been an independent thinker in my adult life.

    I have always dared to take calculated risks.

    In fact, I derive so much pleasure from doing what ordinary folks don’t dare to do.

    In fact, some of my classmates in medical school called me ‘Risky’ at one time.

    When all the disciples were afraid, Mary Magdalene set out when it was still dark. When they all went back home, she stayed back. She was the first person that saw the risen Christ as I wrote in my book, Power of Passion: The Principles of Mary Magdalene.

    I always see far ahead and it helps me avoid the rush and crowd.

    I refuse to be an echo or photocopy of any person.

    Someone rightly said that if your mates are sleeping, wake up. If they wake up, sit up. If they sit up, stand up. If they stand up, stand out. If they stand out become outstanding.

    Leadership is not by titles or office, it is by the ability to take hard and unpopular decisions; it is about courage to step out and provide direction.

    Very few pastors dare preach the way I preach because of fear paralysis.

    Once I hear from God and I’m convinced, I don’t apologize to man.

    God Bless You.

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