Why I Don’t Commit Adultery

For 36 years, God had helped me, by His grace to avoid adultery, despite very strong temptations.

1. I easily get tonsillitis, so I won’t dare kiss a woman who is not my wife, who I don’t know who she has kissed previously, including those she has had oral sex with.

The health consequences are scary and nauseating.

2. I can’t imagine myself having an orgasm and screaming like an imbecile on top of one lady that had previously held me in high esteem.

Adultery reduces you to a loaf of bread according to the bible.

3. Very importantly, is the financial aspect.

I have never taken my wife to eat barbecue fish before, probably because we have a lot of fresh fish in my tanks. Even when I bring the ones kind people buy for me, my wife prepares stew with them, and we eat it for days.

It will be insanity for me to go buy barbecue fish for one girl who I don’t know where and with whom she last slept with. Then, I will pay for a hotel room; later, pay her and even send her call credit and still have to call her if she received it. Meanwhile, the very frugal and hardworking wife I have been ‘cumming’ and going with for more than 40 years, I don’t pay for all the trips to “Jerusalem”.

For me, it’s financial insanity.

I know you have your own concepts, but please leave me to my right to be abnormal.



God Bless You.

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