Religion without vision will lead to recklessness, heartlessness, and unproductivity.

Religious zeal without commensurate vision to better the lot of the citizenry breeds a tyrannical and dysfunctional society.

The same Muslims reading the same Qu’ran Koran, have built modern nation-states in the United Arab Emirates, while some rogue Muslims are kidnapping, raping, and killing their fellow Muslims in Nigeria.

The same oil money Dubai, Qatar, Oman, etc. have managed well to build a paradise we have squandered in Nigeria and created a hellish nation in Nigeria.

Idi Amin used to send rams to Abu Dhabi some decades ago. When I stopped over at Abu Dhabi on my way to Australia, I was shocked at the developmental strides they have made.

We go to Israel for pilgrimage every year. Why can’t we replicate what we see there back home?

The oil wealth states like Delta, Ondo, Bayelsa, Imo, Akwa Ibom, and Rivers are enough to transform the Niger Delta region beyond the rot we currently have. I know some people will talk about the barrel per capita ratio. I know that; I’m talking about percentage maximisation of resources.

People rush to mention the covenant God has with Israel. What covenants does He have with Rwanda and Mauritius? Unproductive people always look for scriptures to explain our backwardness.

The problem is not with God or caused by demons; we are our own problems. We lack a vision of a glorious future for ourselves and our nation.

In a secondary school in Ilorin, Muslims and Christians were fighting over hijab instead of thinking about the quality of education their children would receive.

How much of your money, time, and resources have you effectively and productively utilised?

Religion with unproductivity and development is very frustrating and irritating.

Let’s have a mental revolution now.

God Bless You.

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  1. We should all endeavour to read and watch this title “Attitudinal Unrighteousness” severally. It summarizes Nigeria’s wicked system of Administration and Religious attitude. All our leaders, being Political and Religious, Patronize the Western World and they can not emulate them. They will steal our monies and keep them there without us having access to them. The white men working in Nigeria, will never steal their country’s monies and hide them here. What is actually wrong with our leaders? Are we curse? The leaders that put us in this abject poverty should be cursed.

    May the Almighty God protect Dr. Akpoki for being the mouthpiece of the majority of hopeless Nigerians. May the Almighty God Continue to Protect and Bless you and your family Sir.

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