Jesus Christ was not born on December 25th; it’s an assumption. Don’t kill yourself over an assumption.

Ethiopians and other orthodox Christians don’t celebrate Christmas on December 25th.

There is nothing special about praying on December 31st crossover night if you have not planned and prepared for the so-called new year. It’s just another year if you get into it with the same mentality and attitudes.

Church declarations and slogans will not decide how your life will go in the new year. A lot will depend on your choices, chances, and the changes you will make.

You are not better than those who died before January 1st if you live 100 years more without evidence of your existence.

Don’t deceive yourself, you are not crossing over to take over anything without developing vision, character, capacity, and competency to do better than your competitors and challengers.

The Chinese who don’t celebrate Christmas and our new year make more money from this hype of Christmas and new year. Just like our Muslim brothers who do not celebrate Christmas but make a lot of money from us.

You will leave your dirty country to Dubai for Christmas. Wetin dey worry una self?

The big question, how much do Christians make from Muslim festivals?

The Gregorian year, 2022, is neutral. It is the values that you bring into it that determine what you get out of it.

I have been selling broilers since yesterday and immediately after the Christmas frenzy. I will stock up for the next frenzy called Easter.

I was on my farm today after preaching at an outreach at Ifie-kporo to inspect the cassava that I will harvest in 2022.

There are other plans for 2022, but the main guys are strategically planning for 2023; they are not carried away by your religiousity and excitement. In fact, they give you food, drinks, and money to keep your mind away from reality so that they can keep controlling you and your resources.

Poor people are usually easily excited with music, including church music, food, sex, money, and entertainment. That’s how to enslave them.

If you don’t gerit, nobody can help you gerit.

God Bless You.

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