Lessons From Cassava Harvest [2]

    I like the way my worker grabbed the stems. That’s how to handle the issues of life.

    This harvest (which was sometime in June) is from what we planted about six months ago.

    Every activity and action you do by omission or commission is a seed. You will definitely reap the harvest.

    Most of what we are experiencing in Nigeria today from Boko Haram, bandits, unknown gunmen, ‘yahoo yahoo’, kidnapping, Fulani herdsmen, and farmers’ crisis, IPOB, the virtual collapse, and imminent disintegration of Nigeria are harvests of the choices we made and the decisions our governments at all levels failed to firmly and wisely handle.

    We sow seeds every day. Some of us know how to sow the wrong seeds. Others sow good seeds.

    The tragedy in Nigeria is that we have some people who know how to water and add manure to bad seeds. They know how to remove weeds from around bad seeds; in doing so, they allow evil to flourish.

    In my many years of following events in Nigeria, presidential spokesmen, ministers of information, spokespersons for security agencies, and political parasites at all levels have done so much evil by explaining, defending, and projecting evil seeds as good seeds.

    It’s not limited to Nigeria. The Republican Party in the USA has come to a point where they are adding manure to seeds that nearly messed up their democracy and might eventually do irreparable damage to the soul of their party.

    Always ask yourself, “What seeds are my sowing?” “What are my projecting and protecting?”

    God Bless You.

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