There is nothing great that turns up without effort. It might involve different people at different times and stages.

    During cultivation, someone cleared the field, another did the ridges, another did the planting, and someone else applied poultry manure. Yet another set of persons applied herbicides. If you skip any of these efforts, you might not get the type of harvest you are expecting.

    Even if we use a combined harvester, we might not use human strength. However, someone put in mental energy to design the harvester. Several workers put in efforts to produce the harvester in the factory.

    Sometimes, the bigger the harvest the more effort you need to put in. You will notice that the male harvester needed to have a firm grip on the stem to pull out the tubers. You need to grab your responsibilities and opportunities very firmly. If you live casually, you will end up being a casualty. Many people are usually too sloppy.

    We are harvesting now (which was sometime in June) because the rains are here and we planted on a flood plain. A few weeks from now the tubers can start rotting because of the rise in water levels. If we miss the timing of the harvest, we might suffer great losses. Timing is very important in several aspects of life. There is a time for everything.

    You will notice that there is a system of pulling at the stem in stages. If you pull forcefully in an attempt to get the tubers out at once, you might injure yourself, the stem can break off, and you can fall backwards. If you don’t tug it tactfully, the tubers usually break and you will have to dig them out. You also need to know how to stand and in which direction you need to pull.

    Life and living should have style, system, structures, and strategy. A tactical approach to life definitely pays off.

    God Bless You.

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