I Usually Don’t Accept Their Verdicts

I put my best in everything I do. I usually don’t accept their verdicts.

I took some clients to see the plots of land we are selling at Effurun-Otor (sometime in September). They were excited about the site.

The first set of potential buyers I ever took there were “Church folks”. The way they reacted would discourage any other person apart from Dr Apoki Charles. I know church folks and their lack of futuristic thinking. That’s why I never accept the verdict of church folks. I detest their approach to life, especially their lack of independent thought and the herd effect in their behavioural pattern.

I dare to think by and for myself. The verdict of church folks can quench your zeal and vision.

Next, I called a real estate company, and they said they needed land along the expressway. I asked myself, “How many people reside along expressways”?

Reputations don’t intimidate me, I am a contrarian thinker.

I can ‘gwewuenize’ any fellow if I set my mind to it.

I have since sold more than 50 acres to people within and outside Nigeria. We are now about to open up another layout.

Please don’t miss this opportunity. Call +2348028258702 and +2347052136763 for enquiries. Please don’t send inbox or WhatsApp messages.

God Bless You.

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